Vision: Exalting God, Edifying the Body and Extending to the Community.
Mission: Moving People from Sin to Faith, and from Faith to following Christ. We focus on witnessing the good news of the work of Christ to lost souls, worshiping in the fellowship of His followers and weaning from earthly passions and sinful practices.

a. Upward (Personal): Exalting God. Our personal accountability to encompassing all that God created us to be in every station of our lives.
b. Inward (Communal): Edifying the Body of Christ. We have the responsibility to build up and nurture the believer to unity in faith and practice through utilizing the gifts and graces that God has given His Body so that we mature into the image of our Lord Jesus Christ.
c. Outward (Global): Evangelizing the Lost. Our mission as the Body of Christ is to “seek and save that which is lost”, witnessing to every living creature through a lifestyle committed to exhibiting the life of Jesus Christ.


Website Redesign and Development

what we did

I. Website Creation
II. Logo Update


this is a really awesome church that gets it.

This is an awesome church. Great leadership, great vision and great people. You could see the connection and authenticity in their photos. We were also inspired by their approach to ministry and outreach– they really “get it.” And, we count it a privilege to work with Christ Disciples Baptist Church and assist when called upon.