Checkout The Checklist.

We’ll need the following to get started on your new website. You can also Click Here to Upload your content.

1. Domain Name

To start, you’ll need to identify three (3) domain names (in order of preference) for your new website. Let’s say your church’s name is: God Is Good Church. Ideal domains should include:


Your domain will be your new website’s permanent identifying “home address,” so be sure the name you select best describes your church or ministry — whether full or abbreviated. Pewple will check the availability of each domain and purchase the rights to the preferred domain name at no additional charge to you.

2. Page Listing

This is a listing of the pages you’d like to have featured on your website. Some typical pages include:

About Us
Pastor’s Page
Prayer Requests
Ministries or Programs
Contact Us

Additional pages (ex. Gallery, Church Calendar) are welcome. Note: Some pages/features are not available for all plans. Click Here to view + compare plans and availability.

3. Page Content

This is the actual content or verbiage you’d like to share, per page, on your new website. Generally, this would include:

Church Welcome
Pastor’s Bio
Church History
Contact Info

Important: Accompanying pictures to display throughout are strongly encouraged but not required. If you do not have accompanying pictures to provide, please click Here to learn more about “Picture Perfect.”

4. Website Design

Subscribers can choose their own custom theme or design for their new website.

Here’s how:

I. Send us up to three (3) different links to example websites that you like currently. No site is too big or small.
II. Be sure to include what you like about each website. This can include: functionality, design, navigation, fluidity, etc.
III. Our design team will then review the submissions and communicate which option would best fit/display your ministry and content.
IV. We will then design and build/develop your new custom website with those noted references in mind and utilized them as loosely-based inspiration.

Some sites, pages and features are not available for all subscribers. Click Here to view + compare plans and availability.

5. Features

This is the core of your website’s functionality. Certain features/functions allow subscribers the ability to better convey their church or ministry’s message. And, in some cases monetize content.

Example: If you’d like to share audio and/or video files (ex. messages/sermons or a full service experience) with visitors; or open an online store to sell digital content (ex. sermons) and/or physical products (ex. custom tee-shirts) + receive payments via your new website, these files and descriptions are needed prior to website development.

Note: Some features are not available for all plans. Click Here to view + compare plans and availability.

6. Upload

This concludes our checklist. If you have any questions, please click Here to Contact Us. If you’d like to get started but you haven’t subscribed yet, please click Here to compare and select a plan that best fits your ministry’s needs. If you’re already a Pewple subscriber and you’ve completed your checklist, you can upload your content by clicking “Upload” below.

Note: Some features are not available for all plans. Click Here to view + compare plans and availability before uploading.

Please submit listed items within thirty (30) days.

18 "And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." kjv
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